CrossFire Pharaoh

[Official] December 2019 Patch Notes!


- Fixed damage occurring from some maps, for example: Eagle Eye, Compound, Ankara and Black Widow
- Fixed Free Tickets Reward from the Weekly Missions
- Fixed "Failed to purchase this item" 
- Fixed Transferring items/weapons from Black market to Storage
- Fixed Rings causing the client to be immovable
- Fixed various weapon models, for example: Knuckles, AK-74, etc
- Fixed Ranked Rewards (if you do not receive them right-away, log out of the server and join again)
- Fixed AN94-Halloween Storage icon
- Fixed Dual Karambit-RA Storage icon
- Fixed Issues within the Trade System
- Fixed the VVIP counter in Lobbies
- Fixed Awakening/Upgrade For ZM Weapons
- Fixed Elemental Temple Rewards issue "item confirmation failed"
- Fixed Titan Citadel score reward issue - now works correctly
- Fixed AK-Asgard now counts as a VIP Weapon
- Fixed Shovel-Celestial Dragon
- Fixed COP .357-Celestial Dragon
- Fixed Ak-47-CN-10th
- Fixed M4A1-CN-10th
- Fixed D.E-CN-10th
- Fixed M4A1-CN-10th
- Fixed Freakish costumes
- Fixed Sapphire (renamed to Blue Aura) Tycoon items
- Adjusted EXP Rate like Previous clients "PharaohTOP"
- Removed Kick Vote

If you are still facing the issue "Hacktool has been detected (0:9:0:0)", please scan your PC with an anti-virus program, we recommend ESET (ESET NOD32)


Added :-
- Xmas 2019 Mask (Coupons)
- Xmas 2019 Hat (Coupons)
- Xmas 2019 Minimi (Coupons)
- Xmas 2019 Backpack (Coupons)
- Xmas 2019 Pouch (Coupons)
- Xmas 2019 Cateen (Coupons)
- Kukri Snowflake (Coupons)
- M4A1-S-Snowflake (Coupons)
- M4A1-Snowflake (Coupons)
-AWM-Snowflake (Coupons)

11. Xmas Mega (Crate)
- Summer Snowflake (Crate)
- Christmas in July (Crate)
- Christmas Wonder (Crate)
- Christmas Joy (Crate)
- Christmas Cheer (Crate)
- Christmas Spirit (Crate)


Pharaoh Team.